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Atlantic Salmon Fishing

Atlantic Salmon are found in all areas adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean including Newfoundland, Labrador, the Maritimes and northern Quebec. One of the most challenging of the salmon species, it strives in the rivers of Eastern Canada where it spawns.

Mature Atlantics spend two to three years in freshwater before migrating to sea. They return after one or two years to spawn in their native rivers, usually during October and November. Landlocked salmon spawning behavior is similar to that of migratory Atlantics except that ouananiche move from lake to river. Females choose the nesting site, which often consists of a gravel bed above or below a pool. The nest is dug by the female thrashing her tail over the spawning gravel. A 20-pound female may release up to 14,000 eggs which are then covered with gravel. The spawned-out fish, known as 'kelts', may remain in the river for a number of weeks before returning to the sea or lake. Atlantic salmon do not all die after spawning, as do the Pacific salmon.

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