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Yukon Fishing

Fresh fish is one of the tastiest, healthiest foods available. That's why Yukon anglers eat almost 100,000 wild fish every year. Twenty-seven species of fish can be found in the Yukon's freshwater, eleven of them - rainbow trout, lake trout, Dolly Varden, bull trout, Arctic char, Arctic grayling, broad whitefish, lake whitefish, inconnu, northern pike and burbot - are popular sportfishing catches. Four salmon species - chinook, coho, chum and sockeye - return from the ocean to spawn in Yukon creeks and rivers. A fifth salmon species, Kokanee, is a small, landlocked sockeye.

Many pot-hole lakes around Yukon communities are stocked with Kokanee, chinook salmon, rainbow trout and Arctic char. There is a quiet joy that comes from the simple act of catching a fish. Practicing respect for the resource will ensure that that joy will continue to be known by our children and our grandchildren. (Source - Yukon Government)



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