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Prince Edward Island Fishing

There may be a limited number of sport fish species on Prince Edward Island, but don't let that fool you. Recreational fishing on Prince Edward Island, both in freshwater and saltwater, is one of the best kept secrets in the angling world.

Prince Edward Island is one of the few places in North America where the brook trout, also called speckled trout, is still king. The large input of mineral rich groundwater, combined with short streams and large estuaries, has created ideal conditions for brook trout. Brook trout can be found in virtually every stream on the Island, with sea run trout, the fish most sought after by anglers, ranging from lb to 6 lbs. Rainbow trout are an introduced species on Prince Edward Island, and there are only a half dozen streams where they can regularly be taken.

Most of the salmon angled on Prince Edward Island are taken in the Morell River, on the north-eastern side of the Island. This is the only river on Prince Edward Island that is a scheduled river, and its main branch can be fished only by fly after June 1. Although the salmon run is primarily composed of grilse, some salmon in excess of 20 lbs have been encountered.

Some of the species commonly caught during deep sea fishing excursions are: mackerel, cod, and dogfish. Various deep sea charters are available throughout Prince Edward Island from mid-summer to early autumn. All required fishing equipment is available through the boat charter.



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