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Alberta Fishing

Alberta is well known for its fishing opportunities, enjoyed by residents and sportsmen around the world.

There are 63 species of fish in the province, but only 18 of these species are preferred for food or angling- including pike, walleye, bull trout, sturgeon and arctic grayling.

Compared to other parts of Canada, Alberta has a relatively small number of fish-bearing water bodies. Eight hundred lakes have naturally occurring fish populations and 300 or so are stocked with fish by the Alberta government. Because of the high ratio of anglers per lake, the province has the third highest angling pressure in Canada.

An estimated 300 000 recreational anglers are active in the province, and there are an additional 800 commercial fishing operations. Recreational fishing contributed more than $350 million to Alberta's economy in 2000, for example, and commercial fishing is regarded as a $5 million-per-year industry. Due to a number of factors, Alberta's fisheries are faced with significant challenges. The Alberta government is working to develop solutions to ensure that people can continue to enjoy fishing for many years to come. (Source - Alberta Government)



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